Friday, March 22, 2013

Where are your Rebel friends NOW??

What was the best part about the first round of the tournament? It obviously involves Marshall Henderson, but that doesn't help to narrow things down very much.

What could it have been?

-Is it the fact that in the first 28 seconds of today's game against Wisconsin, he had already chucked up a fade-away three (that missed), stole the ball at midcourt, and raced back the other way for an out of control layup (that also missed)?
-Is it that he missed 12 out of his first 13 shots, and yet I was ecstatic because Ole Miss was still hanging around and I highly suspected that he was about to go off?
-Is it that he did go off shortly after, scoring 17 points in the final 11 minutes?
-Is it that with Ole Miss's 57-46 upset win, we've all been spared from snoozing through another second of Wisconsin basketball until next season (Except for you dweebs who watch Big Ten: The Journey on BTN)?
-Is it that, despite shooting an abysmal 6 for 21, Marshall Henderson still shot a higher percentage than Wisconsin for the game?
-Is it the fact that a guy for Lasalle did 'the Land Shark' to celebrate his team's 13 over 4 upset against Kansas State? **side note: Guess who Ole Miss plays next.
-Is it that I remembered an old Calvin and Hobbes comic from 1991 where Calvin does 'the Land Shark' at nose level to taunt Susie?

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong. No, from my vantage point, the top moment has to be the exact instant when I came to the realization that Marshall Henderson looks exactly like Sid from Toy Story.

Such is the legend of Marshall Henderson.


-Despite a poor performance from Trey Burke, Michigan looked pretty good out there. Great games from both Timmy and Uncle Glenn.

-If the Michigan/VCU game were being played anywhere besides the Palace, essentially a home game for Maize and Bromothymol, I would be very, very concerned about their chances tomorrow. I don't know if there was any team that was more impressive than VCU in the first round; the last time I saw a full-court press embarrass a team that badly was when my 7th grade team beat Alanson 61 to 8 in the 2001 season opener.

-As Pops would say, "Boy did Georgetown turn out to be a piece a' CRAP!"

-Gonzaga might be the worst 1 seed that the tournament has ever had. Southern couldn't quite pull the
upset in the end, but I'm pretty sure we all wanted to see that one happen.

-Best uniforms: Southern

-Best matchup of the NBA sons: John Stockton's son (Gonzaga) against Manute Bol's son (Southern)

-Best performance from an NBA son: Timmy Jr. (Michigan) hitting 5 threes against South Dakota State

-Worst performance from an NBA son: Jim Jackson's boy (Wisconsin) throwing up airballs on back-to-back possessions against Marshall Henderson.

-Weirdest attempt to be funny by an announcer: During the Missouri-Colorado State game, the announcer summarized a referee's discussion with one of the coaches by referencing an overrated Seinfeld episode from about 20 years ago. It's not worth finding the exact quote, but it was something along the lines of, "And the ref's response was pretty much, 'No soup for you!'"

-Speaking of jokes that have been played out for decades beyond their natural expiration date, there's yet another Bobby Knight commercial making the rounds with the punch line being that as a coach, he would get mad and that he threw a chair once. Who still thinks that's funny?...I'll wait. I'd like a few names, please.

-As I write this, Kansas is losing at halftime against Western Kentucky in the last 1 vs 16 game. Stay tuned, that's about the only thing that could push Marshall Henderson out of my spotlight at this point.

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